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5 Tips for Ordering Food for a Group April 9, 2019

Danbury, Fairfield County
5 Tips for Ordering Food for a Group, Danbury, Connecticut

If you're planning an event catered by a local restaurant, ordering food is a significant part of your preparations. Good food can make an event fun and memorable, while disappointing food — or not enough food — can spoil even the best party. Here are a few factors to consider when planning your food order.

How to Order for a Group

1. Budget

First, find out how many people will be eating. Multiply that number by $10 to get a rough estimate of what a meal from an inexpensive local restaurant will cost. This will help you plan your order and decide whether you need to find low-priced alternatives — or whether you can afford something a little fancier.

2. Diet Restrictions

RestaurantYour guests or coworkers may have allergies or other restrictions you need to work around. Try to get this information from everyone attending. When in doubt, try to cover your bases with a range of dishes which include different ingredients. Check the restaurant’s menu to see if they include dietary information or suggestions.

3. Variety

Having multiple options is a good idea in general, as everyone attending will have different preferences. Look for popular, but different, dishes on the restaurant’s menu. For example, serving both nachos and wings will let you offer something for everyone.

4. Quantity

Nothing is more disappointing than running out of food at a party or conference. Try to plan for extra servings so that seconds are an option for everybody who’s still hungry after their first plate. The "one pound rule" is a good rule of thumb: try to provide a pound of food for each adult guest, and half a pound per kid.

5. Cover the Basics

A party probably isn't the best place to try new and wacky dishes, or anything too spicy, strong, or difficult to eat. Choose foods you know are popular, like sandwiches, potatoes, chicken or beef, chips, veggies, and dip. If in doubt, ask the restaurant staff what their best sellers are.



To order food for your next party or business meeting, call Buffalo Wild Wings. With locations across the country, including 19 across Connecticut and New York, they offer convenient catering services for game day and more. From mouthwatering wings to tempting desserts, they have everything you need to take your party to the next level. Check them out online to find a location near you.

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