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3 Ways Board-Up Services Help After an Emergency April 12, 2019

Wildhorse Village, Chesterfield
3 Ways Board-Up Services Help After an Emergency, Chesterfield, Missouri

If your property recently experienced significant damage, every minute counts. From fires and flooding to vandalism or storms, serious damage leaves your home or business susceptible to further harm the longer it is exposed. Dealing with insurance and scheduling repairs can take some time. To prevent further issues, consider emergency roof tarp or board-up services to protect your property.

How Can a Board-Up Service Protect Your Property?

1. It Reduces Further Lossboard up services

Damage to your home or business can expose the interior and allow easy access for vandals and pests. It may not be safe or reasonable to remove everything from your property, so close it off to hinder trespassers. Board-up services seal damaged doors and windows, keeping people out and your valuables inside. An emergency roof tarp also helps protect your home from the elements. If multiple areas are damaged, such as your roof and windows, both tarps and boarding may be necessary to keep it secure.

2. It Lowers Your Risk of Liability

Depending upon the severity of the damage, your property may be unsafe for people who venture inside, whether they’re welcome or not. If your property is harmed in a way that grants access to thieves, vandals, or squatters, you are at risk of liability. Blocking entrances helps prevent the presence of unwanted visitors.

3. It Helps With Insurance

Board-up service is more than just a smart way to protect your property; some insurance companies require it. When it comes to dealing with homeowner’s insurance, failure to board up damaged property could complicate things and cause coverage headaches.


If you live in or near Chesterfield, MO, and have recently experienced property damage, call The Board Up Co. This locally owned business provides fast and professional board-up service 24 hours a day. With a long-standing reputation for fairness and integrity, their skilled team of experts maintains a positive working relationship with all insurance providers in the St. Louis area. Explore their wide range of services or call (314) 954-3200 today to get a free estimate.

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