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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Home Security Systems April 8, 2019

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4 Frequently Asked Questions About Home Security Systems, Walton, Kentucky

You want to feel comfortable both when you’re at home and away. Home security systems are one of the best investments you can make. There are a number of solutions to explore. Understanding what home security options are available will ensure you select the right products to keep you safe and provide peace of mind.

Home Security FAQ

Are home security systems really necessary?

Many people make the mistake of thinking, “A burglary won’t happen to me.” However, there are roughly 2.5 million burglaries each year, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics. 1.4 million happen during broad daylight, and 83% of burglarized homes don’t have an alarm system. In fact, homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be robbed.

What do home security systems include?

Standard security systems feature an alarm system connected to magnetic sensors installed around doors and windows. When the alarm is active, and those sensors are breached, an alarm will go off. When connected to a main line, the system will alert authorities immediately of the break-in, and they’ll respond to the scene.

What advanced features are available?

security systemsIf you want to take home security to the next level, consider installing glass break sensors and features like panic buttons. You can upgrade locks to keypad deadbolts and can install a doorbell camera. You can also install exterior and interior security cameras. Most burglars are deterred immediately upon seeing cameras.

What other security measures are needed?

Home security isn’t just about protecting you from burglars. Security systems also ensure you’re safe from the elements. They can detect carbon monoxide leaks, trigger fire suppression systems, and also have heat and smoke detectors. These will keep you safe and minimize the damage caused by these disasters.


Ready to invest in a home security system? AAV Security Systems offers a number of solutions for homeowners and business owners throughout Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati, OH, area. They carry a variety of state-of-the-art security systems and products, including cameras, CCTV, audio surveillance, and more security features — all of which you can explore on their website. Call (859) 384-4818 to speak with a representative.

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