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5 Beautiful Flowers to Use for Allergy-Friendly Bouquets May 1, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
5 Beautiful Flowers to Use for Allergy-Friendly Bouquets, Manhattan, New York

Since flowers produce pollen, you may be hesitant to family and friends bouquets to prevent triggering allergies. Although many people think flowering plants with large petals cause discomfort, these types of plants are actually better for people with pollen allergies. Insects transport the powdery substance, which means it doesn’t travel through the air. To ensure your loved ones enjoy beautiful bouquets, below are a few options to add to your arrangements.   

5 Flowers That Won’t Trigger Allergies

1. Roses

If you want to stick to a classic floral arrangement, roses won’t cause sinus headaches, sneezing fits, and additional discomfort. Because of the low pollen count, you won’t have to worry about people breathing in the substance when they smell the roses. Colors range from romantic red to cheery yellow, making it possible to find a shade to convey the feelings you want to express.       

2. Orchids

The long, slender shape of orchids makes the flowers eye-catching in any arrangement. Because the pollen is sticky, there’s less chance of the allergen wafting into the air. Exposure to the orchid sap could cause allergic reactions in the skin, so remember to wear gloves when growing and pruning the plants at home. You could also purchase them from a florist to avoid skin problems.  

3. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a plant with large, showy petals that will add texture to your arrangements. Because of its shape, you can use hydrangeas as a filler plant to cover open spaces in the bouquet and make it appear fuller. 

4. Peonies

flowersFrom baby pink to pastel purple, peonies come in a variety of soft shades to complete your spring floral arrangement. The layered petals help keep pollen in place. Although people with allergies shouldn’t feel discomfort around the plants, you could also opt for double-flowering and Japanese varieties, as those are ideal for combating allergies. 

5. Carnations

The full petals also make carnations a great filler plant for allergy-friendly arrangements. The plants don’t produce much pollen, which will keep the recipient out of harm’s way. Shades range from white to dark red and deep purple, making it possible to find an option to complement the other colors in the bouquet. 



If you want to pair any of the above flowers together to create a beautiful arrangement or need a few recommendations, contact the florists at Madison Avenue Florist in Manhattan. They are eager to provide advice and craft a striking bouquet you’ll wish could last forever. They’ll also share tips to help it stay fresh longer. To discuss your needs, call the shop at (212) 319-0242. You can also browse the arrangements and order online

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