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Why Does Your Lawn Need Aeration? April 3, 2019

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Why Does Your Lawn Need Aeration?, Cincinnati, Ohio

Heavy rain and foot traffic are elements that compact the soil of your lawn over time, starving the grass and plant roots below. This results in dead, patchy, and thinning growth. Aeration involves perforating the dirt to create small holes, allowing plants and grass to get the nutrients they need. Here’s what you should know about aeration and how it can help keep your lawn lush.

What Are the Benefits of Aeration?

Aeration has an immediate impact, allowing roots to get beneficial water, nutrients, and oxygen. If you have problems with runoff or puddles building up after heavy rain, it’s also a quick fix for this. By creating space in the soil, aeration also gives the roots room to grow more densely. This encourages a strong, dense rhizome system and makes grass more tolerant of heat and drought. 

aerationLawns that are regularly aerated also become less susceptible to diseases and thatch buildup; thatch is a layer of dead and living stems and roots that build up over the soil, causing the lawn to dry out. Aeration breaks up the thatch over the soil, decreasing the risk of lawn disease and weeds.  

When Should You Aerate?

Aeration should be done at least twice per year. In the spring, couple the procedure with fertilization to promote strong growth. In the fall, the small chunks of dirt that aeration create make an excellent basis for overseeding. A professional can advise on how frequently you should aerate and what other procedures to combine it with. For instance, applying lime afterward helps improve the soil pH levels, so roots can better absorb nutrients. Every lawn is different, so let a specialist determine what yours needs.


Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation in Cincinnati, OH, provides a soil test for every new customer. These professionals offer a comprehensive array of lawn care, from core aeration to fertilization and irrigation. With over 25 years of experience in the region, they have the local knowledge you need to create a healthy, beautiful yard. Get a full overview of their services online, or call (513) 755-9434 to schedule an appointment.

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