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A Brief Guide for Convertible Top Care April 3, 2019

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A Brief Guide for Convertible Top Care, Dothan, Alabama

Your convertible top, whether it is fabric or vinyl, must be cared for just like any other component in your vehicle. There are cleaners and protectants that will keep your top looking like new for longer and will prolong the need for convertible top repair. Here is a brief guide to get started.

How to Care for a Convertible Top

Cleaning Steps

Weekly wash downs are enough to keep grime at bay. Each month, perform a deeper cleaning, and reapply any protectants. The best way to clean a convertible top is by hand. Avoid automated car washes as their water pressure can be too rough on fabric and vinyl components. Choose cleaners that do not contain abrasive or acidic ingredients such as alcohol, vinegar, and detergent, as these can degrade the material and increase the need for convertible top repair.

There are cleaners and shampoos available that are specifically designed for convertibles. Select the solution suited for whichever material you have such as canvas or vinyl. Finally, choose a soft scrub or horsehair brush, and stay away from any cloths that will leave behind excess lint.

Once you have the right tools, use plain, clean water to remove any loose dirt or debris from the top. Then, lather the shampoo with your soft bristle brush until the whole area is covered. With a hose, thoroughly rinse off the suds. Make sure all of the shampoo is gone before drying. For particularly tough stains, purchase a top cleaner spray designed to cut through grease and grime without deteriorating the material. Spray directly on the spot or apply to a clean brush, and then rub it gently into the fabric.

Protectants & Vinyl Windows

convertible top repairDrying is critical once all of the lather is rinsed. Instead of rubbing towels across your top, pat down so water is absorbed and lint is reduced. Patting also protects the material from unnecessary friction. After your convertible top is perfectly dry, spray protectant to shield the canvas or vinyl from intense UV rays and discoloration.

For convertible tops with clear vinyl windows, safeguarding them from yellowing and cracks is important, especially because the windows age faster than the rest of the top. Choose plastic or screen cleaners designed for clear vinyl and a microfiber cloth. After wiping away loose dust and dirt, apply the cleaner in the shade so that the vinyl remains cool as you work. If windows look cloudy, use paint surface polish to remove any oxidation and scratching.


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