Stayton, Oregon

Heat Pump Incentives for Manufactured HomesStayton, Marion, Oregon

Valid from March 21, 2019 to December 31, 2019
Heat Pump Incentives for Manufactured Homes, Stayton, Oregon

Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature can be a challenge, especially when your existing unit isn’t exactly the most efficient. As the lead heat pump system installer in Stayton, OR, Focus Heating & Construction, Inc. recognizes the need for saving energy. They’re working with a limited-time promotion by the Energy Trust of Oregon and offering discounted upgrades to manufactured homeowners through to the end of the year.

Heat Pump System Upgrades for Less Than $2,000

Heat pumps systems are much more energy-efficient in that they make use of the existing warmth rather than generating the required amount. They transfer the heat from the air and compress it until the appropriate level is reached. The heated air is then released into the home through the vents that are positioned within each room.

heat pump systemIf your manufactured home is served by Pacific Power or PGE, then it might be eligible for an upgrade. The program will cover approximately 50% of the installation, offering instant incentives of $2,500 available for ductless units and $3,000 for conventional heat pump systems. Upgrades will include a Honeywell T-6 Lyric Wi-Fi thermostat with an outdoor sensor, outdoor unit, indoor coil, crossover inspection, high-voltage electrical, pad, condensate, and permit.

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Find out more about your eligibility by reaching out to Focus Heating & Construction, Inc. These HVAC professionals have over a decade of heating and cooling experience and utilize the industry’s latest techniques, especially for heat pump systems. They are highly trained to maintain each of these systems and will provide the service required to ensure that your home remains comfortable. Call (503) 769-7519 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website for additional information on the company’s qualifications.

This deal is no longer available.

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