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5 Signs You Need New Brake Pads From Fantastik Auto Repair August 10, 2015

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5 Signs You Need New Brake Pads From Fantastik Auto Repair, Honolulu, Hawaii

Auto repair shops like Fantastik Auto Repair in Honolulu know the signs of worn brake pads well. More importantly, they know the consequences of ignoring regular car maintenance. Drivers can do excessive damage to their cars and put themselves and others at risk by neglecting necessary repairs.

If you notice any of the following, bring your car into Fantastik Auto Repair for brake service:

  • Screeching: A car shop will be able to visually tell whether your brake pads need replacing, but most drivers won’t realize it until they hear the tell-tale sounds of the pads wearing thin. This high-pitch whine is an important signal that your car needs new brake pads as soon as possible.
  • Grinding: If a driver waits until the brake pads are completely worn through, the metal components of the braking system may start rubbing against one another. If this happens, the rotors will need to be repaired before new brake pads can be installed. If the damage is too severe, the rotors may need to be replaced.
  • Poor braking response: Drivers who find it progressively more difficult to bring a car to a stop may want to have their brake lines checked. These components are responsible for telling the braking system to engage, but if fluid is low or leaking, they won’t be as responsive as they should be.
  • Pulling: Problems with brake fluid can also cause a car to pull to the side when the brake pedal is pressed down. This is often due to clogs in a brake line or misaligned components.
  • Shaking: A car that shakes when the brakes are in use has seen rough conditions. Periods of prolonged and intense braking will damage the rotors. The brakes shudder as the pads are pressed against the uneven surface of the rotor, so they often need to be replaced.

The crew at Fantastik Auto Repair have the knowledge and tools to quickly diagnose brake system problems and offer lasting solutions. Call (808) 842-3777 to schedule an appointment today.

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