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What Should I Know About Dental Crowns? June 12, 2019

What Should I Know About Dental Crowns?, Wasilla, Alaska

Dental crowns are an effective remedy for all sorts of oral imperfections and conditions. If your dentist recently recommended this treatment, you should know there are a few different types of crowns, each of which offers its own distinct benefits.

Types of Crowns Available

If you’re missing front teeth, most dentists recommend a ceramic crown. This material can be easily dyed to match the rest of your teeth, so don’t worry about it standing out. However, porcelain crowns typically aren’t suitable for replacing molars, since they are subject to immense bite forces.

For back teeth, gold and metal alloy crowns can provide the needed stability. Gold alloy won’t cause irritation to surrounding gum tissues and won’t wear away the underlying tooth enamel. Base metal alloys offer similar benefits, including corrosion-resistance. There are also crowns that combine materials.

Why Crowns Are Used

dentistWhile your dentist will determine the best of the above options for your oral health, crowns, in general, have numerous applications. If a tooth is discolored or misshapen, a crown can be affixed to create a more attractive appearance. They’re also used in conjunction with dental implant surgery, wherein a titanium rod is implanted in the jaw and covered over an artificial crown.

If a tooth is significantly decayed, dental implant surgery can stabilize the tooth to prevent it from breaking after root canal surgery. Crowns are also used in the restoration of teeth and to ensure a dental bridge remains in place.


The team at Four Corners Dental Group can help you achieve the perfect smile, and do so within a relaxed and calming office environment. If you’re interested in dental crowns, these dentists will perform an exam to ensure you’re a good candidate. From there, they’ll help you distinguish between different types of crowns, including gold and base metal alloys, ceramic, and porcelain fused to metal. They also offer teeth cleanings, extractions, sealants, fillings, bridges, root canals, and dentures. Schedule an appointment in Wasilla, AK, by calling (907) 376-2790 or contact the Anchorage office by calling (907) 258-3384. If you want to learn more about their crown procedure, visit them online.

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