Williamsburg, New York

A Full Summer of Tutoring & Academic Enrichment!Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Valid from July 1, 2019 to August 30, 2019
A Full Summer of Tutoring & Academic Enrichment!, Brooklyn, New York

When kids begin summer break, many don’t think about their studies again until the start of the new school year. So they don’t forget what they’ve learned and fall behind, Brooklyn-based learning center FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center – Williamsburg will offer English and math tutoring sessions throughout July and August to help your child flex their mental muscles during the break.

Special Savings on Math & English Tutoring in July & August 2019

learning centerEnrolling your child in year-round tutoring can supplement what’s learned at school, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve. To give parents time to plan before the end of the school year, FasTracKids/JEI is announcing its special offer for a full-summer tutoring package.

Through July 1 to August 30, 2019 enroll your student at the learning center to receive 8 hours of math and English classes per month (2 Hours per week) at the low rate of $499 for the entire summer!

With small group sessions, your child will get the personalized attention they need to grasp mathematical concepts and improve their reading comprehension and language skills. FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center instructors work to foster a love of learning at home and in school, creating a fun and comfortable environment where students go at their own pace.

Enroll Your Student in Summer Tutoring! 

Help your child dodge the summer slide with summer tutoring sessions at the best value on the market. With a focus on adding an element of fun to learning, small groups and personalized attention, and a community center feeling, FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center’s summer program will have them ready to tackle the new school year in the fall. Visit their learning center online to learn more about math and reading summer programs for Williamsburg Brooklyn kids, or call (347) 987-4450 for details. 

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