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3 Tips For Keeping Your Pets Calm During Your Move: Advice From Your Local Moving Company September 1, 2015

Gowanus, Brooklyn
3 Tips For Keeping Your Pets Calm During Your Move: Advice From Your Local Moving Company, Brooklyn, New York

Moving is stressful for the whole family, but it can be especially anxiety inducing for your pets. From the moment you start packing, your pet might start to get anxious at this strange deviation from routine. 

In order to make the moving process easier, follow these simple tips from The Super Movers—the best moving company in Brooklyn!

  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind: All this bustle—the packing, the shuffling, and the dismantling—can be pretty disorienting for someone with a low center of gravity. Create a safe, quiet place for your pet to go when the packing or moving gets intense, then let them back out when you're done for the day—or when it's time for the final move.
  • Move Your Pet Last: Don't transport your pet until everything else is already there. Use your own vehicle, and bring someone else along to soothe your pet while you drive. Some animals have no problem in the car, but for cats and smaller dogs, even a short journey can be scary. Bring paper towels and plastic bags just in case, as cats often urinate when stressed. Also, make sure to have the proper transportation method. It's safer to transport animals in crates or travel cages secured with safety belts—not on your lap.
  • Prepare a Temporary “Sanctuary” in The New Place: This can be a bathroom or small bedroom, stocked with plenty of food, water and bedding. Your pet can rest there while you sort everything out over the next few days.

Every move is different. The Super Moversunderstand that better than anyone else does. They work with a diverse range of clients in need of residential and commercial movers, and have ongoing relationships with local small businesses, art festivals and more. For more information about the services offered by The Super Movers, visit them online, or call (718) 701-5272 to book your move with this affordable moving company.