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How Do I Know How Much Propane Gas Is Left in My Tank? April 9, 2019

Ottawa, Waukesha
How Do I Know How Much Propane Gas Is Left in My Tank?, Ottawa, Wisconsin

If you use propane tanks on a regular basis, you know that they’re heavy. This can make it difficult to estimate how much propane gas is left in your tank, which can be especially frustrating when you want to know if you have enough left for an evening cookout. Luckily, the following tricks can help you figure it out.

Use a Scale & Do Some Math

Most propane tanks feature information stamps that note their water capacity (WC) and their total weight when empty (TW). Tanks that are used for grilling typically hold about 20 pounds of propane gas and weigh around 17 pounds when empty. You can figure out how much gas is left in a tank by weighing it on a household scale and then subtracting its TW from this number.

Try the Warm Water Trick

propane gasThis trick is good for getting an approximate idea of how much propane gas is left in your tank. Turn off the valve on your tank and disconnect it from your grill. Fill a small bucket with warm water, pour it gently down the side of your tank, and then run your hands along this side. Any propane gas inside of the tank will absorb heat from the water and make the tank feel cool, indicating its fill level. The metal area above the fill level, on the other hand, will remain warm.

Get a Gauge

When approximation isn’t enough, you can invest in a propane gas gauge. They can be found in most hardware stores and are good to have if you use your grill on a regular basis. There are three basic types: inline pressure gauges, which indicate when your propane tank is full, low, or empty; analog propane scales, which tell you the remaining propane gas level in your tank; and digital propane scales, which provide readouts of the tank’s gas fill percentage and remaining cook time. 


If you’re in need of a propane gas gauge or want to schedule regular delivery for your cookouts, contact Dousman LP Gas today. For more than 35 years, this family-owned business has provided fast propane gas delivery to homes throughout Elkhorn, Neosho, Waukesha, and Cambridge, WI, offering affordable prices and exceptional customer service. Check out their website for a full list of services and call (262) 965-2679 to schedule a delivery.

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