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4 Car Maintenance Tips From Fantastik Auto Repair on Getting Your Car Summer Ready July 27, 2015

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4 Car Maintenance Tips From Fantastik Auto Repair on Getting Your Car Summer Ready, Honolulu, Hawaii

Summer weather means driving around and enjoying the outdoors. If you want the best experience with your car, you need to get it summer ready. The experienced mechanics at Fantastik Auto Repair provide quality auto repair and maintenance services to the Honolulu driving community, and they're here to offer a few tips on what you can do to keep your car running its best during the summer months.

What type of car maintenance will you need to get your vehicle ready for the summer?

  • Tires. Check your tire pressure, tread wear, and balance. Under-inflated tires run hotter than properly inflated ones, and the excessive heat can increase the risk of a blowout. Keep an eye on the depth of the tread on your tires to ensure you have enough traction to help you keep control of your car in the rain. Most tires will have an indicator that will tell you when your tire treads have worn too low. Balancing your tires provides a smooth ride and prevents uneven wear on your tires.


  • Windshield wipers. Having your visibility compromised when you’re on the road is dangerous for you and other drivers. When there’s heavy rain or other weather issues, you need wipers that can keep your windshield clear. Make sure you install wipers that fit your vehicle and provide a clean and streak-free wipe.
  • AC system. You don’t want your air conditioning to break down when the weather is at its hottest. Since your system consists of hoses, refrigerant, condensers, and other parts, you want to go to a professional for any type AC repair or maintenance. Test your air conditioning before the hot weather begins so you can spot problems and get it fixed before you need it the most.
  • Cooling system. This part of your car circulates antifreeze and water through the engine to keep it from overheating. Your mechanic will check the hoses, belts, and coolant levels to make sure your coolant system is effectively working.

Regular maintenance on your car ensures that you will find any small problems before they can turn into bigger ones. Bring your car to Fantastik Auto Repair to get your car summer-ready. Contact them at (808) 842-3777 to speak to a professional about your auto service needs and visit them online for information on their transmission repair, brake maintenance, and other car repair services.

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