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3 Care Tips for Air Plants April 5, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
3 Care Tips for Air Plants, Hilo, Hawaii

Air plants are unique; rather than pulling up nutrients through the soil, they draw in nutrients through their leaves. They can be a fun addition to your home, whether you hang them on your wall or arrange them as a table centerpiece. However, just because they aren’t in soil doesn’t mean they don’t require attention, and you can keep your plants thriving with these helpful gardening tips.

Air Plants Gardening Guide

1. Submerge & Dry

Contrary to popular belief, spritzing the plant isn’t how it should be watered. Once a week, submerge the air plant in a basin of water. Spring or rain water is best; you can use tap water, but let it sit for 24 hours before watering so any chlorine traces will dissipate. Soak your air plant between 20 and 60 minutes, then shake it off and hang it upside down until it’s completely dry. If you allow the plant to stay moist, it could result in disease or other damage.

2. Fertilize

organic fertilizerNutrients give an air plant what it needs to thrive. Once a month, add fertilizer to your basin of water when you soak the leaves. Your air plant will absorb these nutrients along with the water. Choose a bromeliad gardening fertilizer mix, which is low in nitrogen to prevent burning the plant.

3. Give Light

Finding the right balance of light is essential. An air plant can take direct sunlight; however, it shouldn’t be receiving it for over an hour at a time. For this reason, you should avoid spots directly across from a window. Instead, choose a location where the plant will have indirect or filtered light.


If you’re ready to add air plants to your home, visit the experienced team of growers at Garden Exchange in Hilo, HI. Since 1984, their nursery has provided locals with gardening supplies, including organic fertilizer, tools, compost, and insecticides. They also offer quality servicing and repairs for lawnmowers and chainsaws. View their weekly specials online, or call (808) 961-2875 to speak with a gardening expert.

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