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3 Types of Radon Mitigation Systems April 5, 2019

St. Charles, St. Charles
3 Types of Radon Mitigation Systems, St. Charles, Missouri

Radon is a dangerous radioactive gas that has been found in homes across the country. It is created through the breakdown of uranium, then moves upward through the foundation in a building. The EPA estimates that radon causes around 21,000 cancer deaths in the United States every year. Fortunately, you can protect your family with any of the radon mitigation systems below.

Effective Radon Mitigation Systems to Use

1. Passive Suction

A passive suction system has pipes installed underneath the foundation of a home. These are usually reserved for new construction homes due to the specifics of adjusting the pressure on a room-by-room basis. They are ideal because they do not require power to run, but will only work for homes with low radon levels. It relies on natural pressure changes to move radon through the system and away from the home.

2. Active Suction

radon mitigation systemsIf your home has a concrete slab basement or a basement on a gradient, then you may get an active suction system. This is the most common form of mitigation. Suction pipes are installed into the soil or crushed rock underneath the foundation. A fan installed with the pipes pulls the gas out from underneath the house and releases it at the roof. An electrical monitoring system serves as the brain of this radon mitigation system.

3. Sub-Membrane

A submembrane system is best for homes with a crawlspace made of dirt or loose gravel. The crawlspace floor is covered with a plastic sheet to create a channel underneath. A fan and pipe are used to push the gas out of the home. This is similar to the active suction system but uses the plastic sheet to catch the gas rather than the slab foundation.


If you’re worried about the radon levels in your home, do something about it immediately. Gateway Radon, LLC specializes in keeping families and homes safe from this dangerous gas in the St. Charles, MO, area. They’ll conduct radon testing to determine your levels, then create a custom radon mitigation system to keep it out of the house. Learn more on their website and call (314) 324-4749 to get started.

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