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Do You Have Hard Water? 4 Signs From Filtration Experts April 5, 2019

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Do You Have Hard Water? 4 Signs From Filtration Experts, Charlotte, North Carolina

Hard water contains a high concentration of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Prolonged exposure to these elements may cause damages to your appliances and affect your health. Here, professional filtration contractors offer a handful of ways to tell when your home’s water supply contains harmful levels of these minerals.

4 Signs Your Home Has Hard Water

1. Plumbing Issues

Hard water is notorious for clogging shower heads, sink taps, and supply lines, causing low water pressure. Mineral deposits may also collect in your pipes and sewer lines, making clogs and backflow more likely. As soon as you notice any of these issues, call a contractor to test your water.

2. Hair & Skin Changes

filtrationHard water also tends to be tough on hair and skin. For instance, your hair may become dry and frizzy. You might also notice dandruff or color fading. Your skin, on the other hand, could start to feel dry, irritated, and itchy. As soon as you notice these changes, schedule professional water treatment services.

3. Mineral Buildups

It’s common for scum buildups and mineral rings to form in your tub, sink basins, and toilet bowls. Additionally, your showerhead, knobs, and other hardware may corrode or develop white calcium deposits. Filtration systems will prevent these from causing cosmetic and functional problems.

4. Appliance Breakdowns

Mineral buildups in your hot water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and coffee pot may cause them to wear out prematurely. You might also observe higher utility bills due to decreased efficiency. Protect the lifespan of your appliances with filtration systems for your home.


Stay healthy and comfortable while preventing property damages with water filtration systems from Oehler Pump & Well Service Inc. For over 40 years, this family-based contractor has provided water treatment, well drilling, and pump repairs to clients throughout the Greater Charlotte Area. Call (704) 875-2209 to request an estimate or set up a same-day appointment. Visit them online to learn more about well and pump services.

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