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4 Classic Italian Desserts You Should Try April 25, 2019

Southwick, Hampden
4 Classic Italian Desserts You Should Try, Southwick, Massachusetts

A meal at an Italian restaurant is not complete without dessert. There are so many tasty treats, that it might be difficult to choose just one. Use the list below to become more familiar with classic Italian desserts and to decide which one will match your cravings.  

Which Dessert to Order While Dining at an Italian Restaurant?

1. Tiramisu

While this coffee-flavored dessert is a newer Italian specialty, it has already become iconic and is frequently enjoyed by couples out for date night. It’s a layered treat of ladyfingers—sponge cake biscuits—dipped in a mixture of coffee, sugared whipped eggs, mascarpone cheese, and cocoa powder. The dessert is topped with cocoa. 

2. Panna Cotta

Italian restaurantA more traditional dessert found in Italian restaurants is panna cotta. It’s a custard-like dish made of warm, sweet cream and thickened with gelatin before being poured into a mold. Often, the cream is infused with spices, coffee, rum, and other flavors. This dessert is drizzled with caramel or fruit sauce. 

3. Cannoli

This tube-shaped pastry is a staple in Sicilian cuisine and is frequently made in authentic-Italian restaurants in America. It consists of a fried dough shell that is filled with sweet and creamy ricotta cheese. Sometimes there might also be chocolate chips or bits of candied fruit mixed in the filling. The ends are also frequently dipped in crushed pistachios, almonds, powdered sugar, or sprinkles. 

4. Panettone

One of the lesser-known delicacies is panettone—a dry, sweet bread filled with raisins and other dry fruit. It dates back to the early Renaissance period in Milan and, usually, makes its appearance throughout Europe during the holiday season. This dessert is similar to fruit cake. 



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