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3 Tricks to Improve Your Golf Swing April 8, 2019

Grants Lick, Campbell
3 Tricks to Improve Your Golf Swing, Grants Lick, Kentucky

Learning to play golf can keep you in shape and strengthen mental alertness, which comes in handy off the course. Similar to any sport, mastering the basics is the key to improving your skills and becoming a real competitor. When working on your swing, keep the points below in mind to improve your aim and get more distance on the follow-through.

3 Steps to Master Your Golf Swing

1. Maintain Distance With the Ball During Set Up

When you approach the golf ball, you might be tempted to hover over it, believing it will be easier to control with the club. Hunching over the ball won’t give you the clearing for a graceful swing. Step back to the point that your back is straight, knees bent slightly, and don’t extend your arms to reach the ball. For a firm stance, make sure your feet are in line with your shoulders.

2. Keep Your Eyes on the Ball & Left Arm Straight During the Backswing

golfEven with your arms completely over your head holding the club for the backswing, look at the ball throughout the entire move. Taking your eyes off the ball for even a split second could throw off the alignment, reducing the likelihood the club will make contact with the ball. To execute the swing in one continuous glide, keep the left arm fully extended from start to completion.

3. Hit the Ball at the Clubface Center & Complete the Circle

When the club connects with the ball, make sure to strike it with the center of the clubface. This will give you more power to propel the ball straight ahead instead of launching it into the air at a curve. After the downswing and contact, complete the circular movement for the follow-through. For stability, one foot should be firmly planted on the ground, with the other behind you, balanced on the toe. Completing the movement also gives the ball more speed to reach the target.


If you want to practice your golf swing and play a rousing game on a beautiful Kentucky course, set up a tee time at A.J. Jolly Golf Course. The Alexandria golf course features almost two miles of tranquil greenery where you can hone your skills on a series of difficult holes. Golf lessons are also available where instructors will give you pointers to perfect your game. To learn more about membership options, call (859) 635-2106 or visit the facility online to fill out an application. Become a Facebook follower to see pictures of the grounds.