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5 Times Short-Term Storage Is the Perfect Solution April 2, 2019

Ozark, Dale
5 Times Short-Term Storage Is the Perfect Solution, Ozark, Alabama

Not everybody who uses storage units does so because they have too many belongings to fit into their current home. Sometimes, situations arise that require the use of temporary storage. This is typically meant to last for three months or less, and it’s a way to keep your belongings safe during certain events without being cumbersome on friends and family. Short-term storage is an ideal solution for these situations.

5 Reasons to Use Short-Term Storage

1. Simplify the Moving Process

No matter how you do it, moving is always a headache, and it rarely works out just as imagined. Many times, there may be a short period after leaving your current home where the new location isn’t ready. If this happens, renting temporary storage space allows you to keep your belongings safe until the new home is ready without having to crowd a friend or family member’s garage.

2. Store Seasonal Belongings

Not everything people own is needed year round, and when the seasons change, using a short-term storage unit can free up space at your home. Whether it’s holiday decorations, seasonal athletic gear, or luggage for summer travels, renting storage space allows you to have what you need during the season without having to fill up a garage or attic.

3. Keep Belongings Safe During an Event

Temporary StoragePeople who host big parties or events at their house can also benefit from temporary storage. Instead of worrying about guests taking or breaking the belongings, rent a storage unit to protect your valuables so that you can enjoy the party stress-free and ensure everything stays safe.

4. Going on a Trip

The last thing a person wants to do when away on vacation is to constantly be worrying about their belongings back home. While asking a neighbor to check in on the house while away is an option, they likely have their own life and won’t be able to constantly monitor your home. Instead, store the valuables you want to protect in a unit until the vacation is over.

5. Better Manage Your Business

Starting up a business can be a rewarding venture, but it can also turn your home into a madhouse. Rather than keeping all of the business’ inventory stored in your kitchen or garage, find a temporary storage unit to keep everything organized and safe while also freeing up space in your home.


Regardless of the reason, when you use temporary storage units, it’s important to know that your belongings are safe and protected which is why you should use the professionals at American Self Storage in Dothan, AL. With over 20 years of professional experience in secure storage, temporary storage, and self-storage, they’ll provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in good hands. Learn more about their various offerings by calling them today at (334) 793-1289 or visit them online.
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