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3 Reasons to Focus on Preventative Commercial Truck Maintenance April 9, 2019

Lyell-Otis, Rochester
 3 Reasons to Focus on Preventative Commercial Truck Maintenance, Rochester, New York

A commercial truck is an investment, and to prolong its life span, preventative truck maintenance is necessary. You can’t afford to deal with delays from breakdowns, and issues in transit can put you seriously behind schedule. Preventative maintenance aims to keep potential problems from happening so you have reliable service you can be confident in.

Why Preventative Maintenance for Trucks Is Important

1. Improving Function

The fuel costs of long hauling add up quickly, and as your commercial truck’s engine system becomes more sluggish, you’ll have worse fuel economy. Oil changes, brake maintenance, tire rotations, and other preventative care optimize your vehicle to ensure you get the best mileage. In turn, this will help extend its life expectancy by ensuring no major incidents go unnoticed or that time takes a toll on parts.

2. Safety

truck-maintenance-decarolis-truck-rental-incYou’re responsible for the product in transit, your own safety, and other drivers’ safety when you’re on the road. Nearly 1.25 million people die in auto accidents each year, which is one reason preventative truck maintenance is crucial. Safety inspections will ensure your vehicle is primed to run well, and general checks and services will make sure no parts, such as brake pads, are at risk of breaking down and interfering with your safe driving.

3. Visual Appeal

Commercial trucks are reflective of the brands they represent. If yours is grimy, chipped, and dented, it can be off-putting to existing and potential customers. Regular preventative care includes cleaning. By sprucing up your vehicle regularly and power washing it, you can count on it making a positive impression on other drivers every time you hit the road.


For over 80 years, DeCarolis NationaLease has provided comprehensive truck maintenance services. Operating from two locations in Rochester, NY, their skilled professionals can ensure vital truck repairs and service are properly handled. They also offer truck rental options from their huge fleet, which you can explore on their website. Call (585) 427-2670 to speak with a representative.

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