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A Comprehensive Tractor Safety Guide April 9, 2019

Webster Groves, Jefferson
A Comprehensive Tractor Safety Guide, Jefferson, Missouri

Tractors are some of the most valuable pieces of farm equipment. They are used for various agricultural tasks, including plowing, harrowing, and harvesting. But like other machines, safety must be a top priority when operating this vehicle. Below is a comprehensive guide to tractor safety that will help you stay out of harm’s way during operation.

Read the Operator’s Manual

Always read and follow the operator's manual. Various manufacturers may design their tractors differently, which is why it’s important to be familiar with the various features that come with your model. Always know where all safety controls are located so you can react quickly in the event of an emergency.

Inspect the Tractor Before & After Operation

tractorNever operate your tractor prior to conducting a safety inspection. Check that the windows are free from obstructions, the tires are properly inflated, and the fuel is filled. Any defects, such as oil leaks or corrosion, must be repaired to prevent any safety risks. Evaluate your work area for any obstacles or debris that could get caught in the tires. Be sure that the field is clear of people that could come into contact with the vehicle.   

Use Protective Equipment

Always use protective equipment when operating your tractor. This includes wearing goggles or a full-face shield to protect against flying debris. Keep loose hair tucked beneath a hat and wear ear protection for your hearing. 


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