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4 Business Essentials That Safes & Vaults Can Protect April 22, 2019

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4 Business Essentials That Safes & Vaults Can Protect, Springdale, Ohio

If you run a business, then you know how tricky it can be to keep track of all the important documents you need for operations. Like any building, your business location is vulnerable to fire, floods, and burglary. If your documents are unprotected, any of these disasters can cause setbacks and a logistical headache. Below are a few valuable items you should keep in safes and vaults.

4 Items You Should Store in Your Safe

1. Insurance Documents

Losing insurance documents to a disaster can create hassles as you’re filing a claim, so you should store all your policy information in a fireproof, watertight safe. Additionally, it’s wise to keep an updated inventory of your business belongings in your safe. This will make it easier to determine what’s been lost, damaged, or stolen.

2.  Accounting Records

Tracking your cash flow and filing all your necessary tax documents will make it easy to ensure your business is in the black. However, if vital financial details are destroyed, it could make tax season challenging. Even if you do your accounting online, it’s wise to keep a physical backup in case of a crashed hard drive or similar technological mishap. Store paper copies in your safes and vaults, so you won’t have to worry.

3. Cash for the Register

safes and vaultsIf your business involves retail, you’ll need to keep cash on hand to make change. However, a drawer stuffed with bills can be tempting to potential thieves. At the end of each night, you should have your staff count their drawers to catch any discrepancies, then store the cash in your safe. That way, you know it’s protected until you can take it to the bank.

4. Company Vehicle Information

A fleet of vehicles can project a professional image and help your employees get around, but keeping track of registrations can be difficult. Losing a title can also make it difficult to sell the vehicle, and you’ll have to pay more money to get a new title. To avoid any problems, keep the title, a copy of the registration and insurance information, and a spare key for each vehicle in your safe.


If your business needs high-quality safes and vaults to protect cash and valuable documents, look no further than Fortress Safe & Lock. For over two decades, they’ve helped business owners throughout Cincinnati, OH, by offering lock and access control systems, safes, and locksmith services. To learn more about their products and services, visit them online. You can also call (513) 772-4392 to discuss the protection of your business.

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