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3 Common Spots Bedbugs Hide March 29, 2019

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3 Common Spots Bedbugs Hide, Milford, Connecticut

Bedbugs are notorious for wreaking havoc without always making their presence known. You may not even discover your bedbug problem until you spot minuscule droppings or bites on your skin. They’re able to travel up to 20 feet for nourishment, so understanding the many spots they hide in can help you know what to look for. Here are bedbug detection tips for determining the presence of these bugs.

Where Do Bedbugs Tend to Hide?

1. Beds

Bedbugs hide in beds to feed on our skin as we sleep, so inspect hotel beds before sleeping on them. Since they’re invisible to the naked eye, you’ll have to put your bedbug detection skills to work around the bed seams, box springs, base, mattress corners, and the carpet around the bed. Search these areas for black spots or streaks of their droppings, small white eggs, or brown blood marks from previous victims. 

2. Furniturebedbug detection

Bedbug detection is difficult in any furniture piece, but couches have curves, tight corners, crevices, and spots where they can easily hide. Avoid lounging on furniture in accommodations you don’t trust to be clean and purchasing used sofas and chairs.

3. Suitcases

It’s not uncommon for hotels and motels to suffer bedbug infestations due to the sheer amount of visitors they receive. When you place your suitcase on the floor or the bed, bugs can creep into your luggage and travel back home with you, so make sure to conduct a thorough inspection for signs of their presence before settling in. If you’re concerned your luggage may have been infected, vacuum it thoroughly, clean the outside with a sturdy brush to eliminate eggs or dead bugs, and wash all of the clothes you packed with hot water to kill bugs.


If you need a bedbug detection service to accurately determine whether you’re dealing with an infestation in Milford, CT, and the Tri-State area, trust the pest control experts at Pro K9 Plus, LLC. Their efficient canine unit is trained to locate these stubborn critters anywhere in your home, and their team can subcontract bedbug removal experts to quickly exterminate them. Visit their website to learn about the bedbug life cycle, or call (203) 906-0422 to schedule an inspection.

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