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3 Tips for Picking the Color for Your Gutters March 29, 2019

Holmen, La Crosse County
 3 Tips for Picking the Color for Your Gutters, Holmen, Wisconsin

Gutters drain rainwater from your roof and directs it away from your building’s foundation, but they also affect the look of your home. When you’re installing new gutters, pick a color to match the rest of your exterior decor so your roof is both functional and aesthetically-appealing. If you’re unsure what color to pick for your gutters, here are a few guidelines to help you choose.

3 Tips for Selecting a Gutter Color

1. Determine Your Budget

guttersYour budget can limit or increase your gutter options, so determine that first. Copper, for example, is a higher-end gutter material that gives a lustrous finishing touch to your roof. If you’re working with a more limited budget, however, you may choose to opt for aluminum gutters, which come in different colors and are more inexpensive.

2. Consider the Neighborhood 

Once you know how much you want to spend, observe your neighbors’ homes for inspiration. Paying particular attention to homes that have a similar style or color scheme as yours, see if you find patterns in how others match their gutters to their sidings or if there are any you’d like to replicate.

3. Color Coordinate

Instead of starting from scratch with a color palette, consider existing parts of your home exterior, such as the roof, trim, and siding, to inform your decision. If you’d like your gutters to look discreet, try matching them to the siding so that they’ll blend in. You may also match them to the trim to create a cohesive, continuous line of color. To make your gutters stand out instead, choosing a color opposite to that of your roof.


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