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3 Important Matters to Handle After a Funeral April 11, 2019

East Haven, New Haven County
3 Important Matters to Handle After a Funeral, East Haven, Connecticut

When a loved one passes, they leave behind an imprint on the world. Once you’ve laid them to rest, there are matters to handle both for your and others’ well-being. These include benefits and financial tasks and will ensure things are properly issued and transferred as needed. Below, you’ll find the most important tasks to handle following the funeral.

Post-Funeral To-Do List

1. Obtain a Death Certificate

funeral-porto-funeral-homes The death certificate is government-backed proof of your loved one’s passing and will be issued following the funeral. You’ll need copies of this when dealing with lawyers, employers, bankers, union reps, and more. The funeral home will often file for you to have copies, or you can obtain them through the County Recorder’s Office.

2. Close & Transfer Accounts

Any financial accounts in your loved one’s name will need to be closed or transferred. Much of this is handled by the estate or attorneys if previously organized. If not, you’ll need to attend to it. Mortgages and other loans will need to be transferred or joint accounts moved exclusively to the relevant person. Bank, credit, and brokerage accounts will need to be distributed per the will or estate or go through probate. Make sure to also change the titles for vehicles and cancel utilities if your loved one was living alone.

3. Apply for Benefits

You and your family may qualify for a number of benefits following the funeral. Speak with an attorney about probate, will, or estate issuances. Insurance companies, the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, and other organizations may all pay you benefits depending on your circumstance. You’ll also want to speak with worker’s unions, workers’ comp programs, and pension or retirement fund holders if relevant. This will provide valuable financial support.


Porto Funeral Homes has provided after-life and funeral services for clients throughout New Haven County, CT, for over 75 years. Their compassionate team understands the challenges losing a loved one brings and offers comprehensive support through your trying times. They can handle cremation and burial services, as well as pre-arrangements for funerals. Explore their locations on their website and connect on Facebook for news and updates. Call (203) 467-3000 for their East Haven location or (203) 934-5000 for their West Haven location.

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