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What You Should Know About Adding a Pond to Your Home April 1, 2019

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What You Should Know About Adding a Pond to Your Home, Ashland, Missouri

If you’re looking for a way to build character to your property and improve the outdoor area, adding a pond is a good place to begin. A pond offers a number of unique benefits that can transform empty space and landscaping. Pond construction is an intensive process, however, and there are a few preliminary steps and considerations to handle.

What Are the Benefits of a Pond?

pond-construction-c-l-richardson-constructionA beautiful pond can be the centerpiece of your landscape. It’s highly customizable and can be accented with various natural stones and landscaping to connect it with the rest of your yard. You can also easily fit it alongside decks and hardscapes. Underwater lighting can establish a relaxing mood at night, and the calming sounds of a waterfall can create a serene backyard escape. A well-placed pond can also cool the air and help with drainage, and it will create a place for healthy wildlife to gather, feed, and drink.  

How Do You Properly Plan for Construction?

Before you begin pond construction, ask yourself where you want it. It’s best to have it on a higher grade so that runoff won’t lead to flooding. Keep it away from overhanging trees that might drop leaves, and ensure you can see it from your favorite indoor and outdoor relaxing spots. Having an electrical outlet close by is helpful for plugging in the water circulation pump, lighting, and aerator. Don’t start digging until you know there are no underground utility lines and that it’s approved by your local government; you may need to secure a permit. Addressing all of these variables will ensure a smooth pond construction process.


If you’re interested in adding a pond to your home, contact C. L. Richardson Construction. They’ve served Ashland, MO, for over 65 years and offer a wide scope of residential and commercial construction services. They can handle excavating, alter grades, and ensure you have a safe surface to build on. Explore their pond construction services online, and call (573) 657-9557 to speak with a representative.

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