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How Can You Tell If Your Swimming Pool Is Dirty? May 22, 2019

Kihei, Maui
How Can You Tell If Your Swimming Pool Is Dirty?, Kihei, Hawaii

Spending time in dirty swimming pools can lead to infections, skin irritation, and even serious illness. If your pool is harboring bacteria or other troubling materials, it’s important to clean it or have a pool maintenance company thoroughly inspect it right away. While the water may look clean, that is not always the case. Here are some details to look out for to determine whether your pool is safe or dirty. 

4 Ways to Determine if Your Swimming Pool is Dirty

1. You Can’t See the Bottom of the Pool

A visual inspection is usually the easiest way to tell if a pool is dirty. Clean water should allow you to see to the bottom fairly easily. If the surface is cloudy or covered with film or debris, it’s well past time to have it cleaned.

2. The Equipment is Slimy

Even if the water looks mostly clear, you might have problems if your equipment like the pump or steps leading into the pool are extra slippery. This means they’re covered in a thin layer of clear film, which can harbor bacteria and other troubling organisms.

3. Your Drainage & Pumping Equipment Aren’t Working

swimming poolsIt’s also important to make sure that your drains and water pumps are actually working. If they are, you should be able to hear them or see bubbles coming from the pump. If they appear to be dormant, the water is either dirty or will get dirty fairly quickly.

4. Water Tests Show Abnormalities

If you suspect that your pool is dirty, you can purchase water tests from a shop that sells pool supplies. These are designed to detect troubling chlorine or bromine levels and measure the pH of the water. Most will have clear instructions so you can tell what your results mean, or you could have this performed by a pool contractor.



If you need any pool maintenance to keep your outdoor space clean and safe, contact Pool Pro. Based in Kihei, HI, the contractor serves Maui residents with custom spas and swimming pools, along with all the maintenance and supplies you need to keep your water features in excellent condition. In business since 1985, the team is full of pool experts who are eager to help you with every single aspect of pool ownership. Call (808) 879-3294 to request maintenance service or visit their website to browse their pool construction services. 

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