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3 Reasons to Keep Your Heating Oil Tank Full in Spring April 1, 2019

3 Reasons to Keep Your Heating Oil Tank Full in Spring, Dutchess County, New York

People often fill their heating oil tank before the winter and then forget about it again until the next fall. However, it’s unwise to let this container sit partially empty. Here are three reasons why you should keep your tank topped off in the off-season.

3 Benefits of Filling Your Heating Oil Tank in Spring

1. Avoiding Condensation

Partly empty heating tanks are vulnerable to corrosion. As spring brings warmer temperatures, your unfilled tank will draw moisture from the atmosphere, which will form as condensation inside your tank. If liquid is allowed to gather, it may mix with air and contribute to internal corrosion. This in turn can cause damage, necessitating repairs or even full replacement of your tank if permitted to sit long-term. If your tank is full, there will be no room for the condensation to form. 

2. Taking Advantage of Low Demand

heating oil tank Dutchess County NYMost people only think to order home heating fuel oil in the late fall to ensure they’re ready for the coming winter weather. Savvy homeowners, however, can take advantage of the low demand for the fuel in the spring and may gain access to discounts or financing deals that are unavailable at other times of the year. Heating oil prices also fluctuate based on a variety of factors, so you may be able to lock in a better price in spring. 

3. Getting an Inspection

Spring is also prime time to get your home heating oil tank inspected to ensure that it’s weathered the winter and is ready for continued use. Have a professional assess the container, fuel hoses, and attachments. They can also check for tank sediment and assess whether you need a cleaning to remove particles before filling. 


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