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3 Steps for When Your Smartphone Gets Wet April 8, 2019

Sixteen Mile Stand, Symmes
3 Steps for When Your Smartphone Gets Wet, Symmes, Ohio

If you’re someone who takes your phone everywhere, at some point, there’s a chance something will get spilled on it. Now that it's spring, there’s also the possibility you might drop it into a pool. If your phone gets wet, it doesn’t have to be a disaster, especially if you act fast. If something like this occurs, take the following steps and you may avoid major cellphone repairs.

How to Save Your Phone From Water Damage

1. Turn Off Your Phone

For your physical safety and the long-term condition of your phone, the first step is to power it down. Because water is conductive, keeping it on could lead to short-circuiting. For this reason, don’t plug it in either. Although you want to check if it still works, this could inadvertently lead to more problems and more extensive damage than before.

2. Dry With a Towel

cell phone repairEven if most of the water is no longer visible, be thorough. Ideally, you should use a microfiber towel — these have excellent absorbency and aren’t as thick as standard cotton towels. Wipe down your phone as much as possible, then leave it to air dry overnight. If your phone has a removable battery, dry the exterior as much as possible, then carefully open up the back and do the same for the battery.

3. Use Silica Packets

While you wait for your phone to air dry, get some silica gel packets. They are designed to prevent condensation from forming during a shipment, and they’re much safer to use than uncooked rice. Although rice draws out water, the grains can break easily and get lodged into the open ports of your phone, which leads to more cellphone repairs. If you don’t have enough of them around the house, you can usually buy them at home improvement or office supply stores. Look for packets  — they’re less messy and easier to work with. Place a handful in a plastic zip bag with your phone and battery. Leave it there for at least 12 hours before turning your phone back on.

After taking the steps listed above, turn on your phone. If it doesn’t seem right, take it to a cellphone repair specialist immediately. The issue may only be with the screen, and the data could be saved.


If you need a specialist, visit uBreakiFix in Cincinnati, OH. Locally owned and operated, residents throughout the Tri-State area trust them for computer and cellphone repairs. Whether it's an iPhone® or an Android®, their trained team will know what to do. Learn more about their services online. When you’re ready to book an appointment, call (513) 752-0300.

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