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uBreakiFix Cincinnati is conveniently located at 4766 Fields Ertel rd. Our location is surrounded by Kings Auto Mall, Kohl’s, and Home Depot. Simply take the Mason/Montgomery Exit off of 71. Our shopping center contains BlownCity, Kings Toyota, Adrenaline Trampoline Park, and Hot Pot Noodles. We love our community because it has maintained that small town feel with big-city amenities.

3 Strategies for Faster Phone Charging April 1, 2019

Sixteen Mile Stand, Symmes
3 Strategies for Faster Phone Charging , Symmes, Ohio

Although features vary depending on a smartphone’s make and model, most are relatively similar when it comes to charging capabilities. This means a cellphone repair specialist will identify and remedy any battery problems for your device. If slow charging is a concern, there are several do-it-yourself strategies outlined below to get to 100-percent power faster.  

3 Ways to Make Your Phone Charge Quickly

1. Switch to Airplane Mode

The battery drains power to make calls, send texts, and support all the tabs open on your device. That’s why it takes the phone longer to charge when it’s being used. Putting it in airplane mode disables Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular networks. Shutting off the programs that require the most power will enable your smartphone to charge faster.   

2. Take Off the Case

cellphone repairAlthough a durable case can prevent damage and the need for cellphone repair, consider taking off the cover when it’s time to recharge. The material insulates the device, altering the internal temperature. If the phone gets too hot, it could impact battery performance and lead to slow charging.

3. Power Down the Device

Turning off your phone when it’s plugged into an outlet eliminates strain on the battery. That’s because even when power-draining programs are disabled, the phone still uses energy when it’s on. Shutting off the device will allow the battery to singularly recharge without using power to operate the phone.


If following the above advice doesn’t make your device charge any faster, the cellphone repair technicians at uBreakiFix will investigate the issue. With two locations in Cincinnati, OH, the company has become the go-to source for area residents looking for solutions to their phone and computer problems. The staff will examine equipment for hardware issues and perform cellphone diagnostic testing to identify any glitches with the software. Visit the cellphone repair specialists online to see what products they service.

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