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3 Allergy-Friendly Greenery to Add to Your Garden Design April 1, 2019

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3 Allergy-Friendly Greenery to Add to Your Garden Design, Berrett, Maryland

If you’re gearing up to rework your garden design this spring but are worried about allergies, there are plenty of sensitive options to explore. There are beautiful flowers, shrubs, and bushes you can add to your landscaping that won’t bring unwanted side effects. Start with the ones below. You can fully enjoy your gardening hobby without the stuffy nose or headache from triggers.

Plants to Create an Allergy-Free Garden

1. Bulbs

garden designBulbs are perfect for adding color to your garden design without any allergy side effects. They attract bees—which remove pollen—and are also designed to be wind pollinated. Tulips, hyacinths, and calla lilies are just a few of the many options. Bulbs are great for creating small colored pockets in your landscaping or for designing a large, vibrant display that brings your spring garden to life.

2. Pollen-Free Grass

If you’re completely re-doing your lawn, avoid Bermuda grass, as it produces a large amount of pollen even when it’s cut low. Instead, choose a pollen-free hybrid or a buffalo grass close such as UV Verde. These will still look lush and green, and you won’t have to worry about extensive pollen production interfering with your yard work.

3. Deciduous Trees

Small trees are a great way to add character to a garden, and deciduous varieties are best for people with allergies. Crabapple, dawn redwood, hawthorn, and dogwood species are all excellent attractive choices. You can choose smaller flowering shrub version of these as well. They’ll add height and depth to your landscape and garden design. 



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