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3 Things You Should Know About Kentucky Vineyards April 5, 2019

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3 Things You Should Know About Kentucky Vineyards, Versailles, Kentucky

Vineyards are one of Kentucky’s most underrated tourist attractions, and tours of their wineries and distilleries are a one-of-a-kind experience. If you’ve always wanted to go to Napa Valley for wine tours but don’t want to travel the distance, a Kentucky winery tour is an even more appealing option. Below are the three biggest reasons why.

Why You Should Visit a Kentucky Vineyard

1. Low Prices, High Quality

Napa Valley is well-known for its quality wine and vineyard tours, but the region’s notoriety drives prices up. On average, the price point for a bottle of Kentucky wine is half that of Napa’s average cost. The quality isn’t sacrificed, either. Kentucky wines are bold and of equal quality to those grown in other areas. Some might prefer the deep and unique flavor that comes from the Kentucky soil’s unique composition of limestone and shale.

2. Ample Diversity

If you decide to purchase a bottle of local wine after a Kentucky wine tour, you’ll find no shortage of options. A large variety of grapes grow in the Kentucky region, including popular favorites such as Vidal Blanc, Cabernet varieties, and Chardonnay. Fruit-based wines, such as strawberry and blackberry, are also in high demand and are available in varying levels of sweetness. Those who don’t like traditional grape-based wines may prefer one of these unique fruit varieties.

3. Beautiful Scenery

toursThe scenery of Kentucky is has a unique beauty that Napa simply doesn’t offer. Rolling bluegrass hills, thick forests bursting with life, winding dirt roads, and rustling fields are some of the state’s most notable scenic staples. The vineyards that hold tours tend to be far from main roads and close to nature, providing an immersive experience that surrounds you with beauty.



If you’re looking for a memorable wine or bourbon tour, Woodford County Tourism Commission of Versailles, KY, will help you plan your perfect Kentucky day. With over five bourbon distilleries and numerous vineyards in and around Woodford County, connoisseurs of fine spirits and wines will love the area. Begin planning your ideal Kentucky getaway by viewing wine tours online and calling (859) 873-5122 to make arrangements.

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