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3 Signs Your Loved One Needs Home Health Care April 8, 2019

Gravois Park, St. Louis
 3 Signs Your Loved One Needs Home Health Care, St. Louis, Missouri

As your loved one ages, they’ll face a number of physical and mental challenges. Injuries, illnesses, and other problems can impact day-to-day life. In some cases, it’s too much, and home health care services are needed. A caregiver can be an invaluable resource to a loved one and will ensure they’re happy and healthy. It’s important to recognize when they need assistance, and you can use the signs below.

How to Tell a Loved One Needs In-home Care

1. Hygiene Neglect

If your loved one has mobility issues, it can be difficult to keep up with personal and home hygiene. Leaving trash out creates an unsafe environment, and not bathing can lead to a number of skin diseases. Sometimes, all that’s needed is an extra hand. Home health care professionals can respectfully provide the assistance your loved one needs with personal hygiene and create a system to keep their home clean.

2. Weight Loss

home health careHealth problems can keep your loved one from cooking and going to the grocery store. Seniors require ample amounts of vitamins and minerals each day to stay healthy, and not getting them results in weight loss. A number of short- and long-term health problems can arise from poor nutrition. A caregiver can handle shopping and food preparation, so your loved one always has nutritious meals and snacks to enjoy.

3. New Health Issues

New health diagnoses can introduce different challenges. Dementia and memory issues can make it difficult to live alone; likewise, if a loved one has undergone surgery, they might need temporary assistance. Home health care professionals can help in a number of capacities. Your loved one might need in-home physical therapy or an adjustment for taking new medications or monitoring their health. A home health agency can connect them with the resources they need for their health.


Deer Valley Home Health Services ensures seniors throughout the Berkeley, St. Charles, and St. Louis, MO, areas have had comprehensive home health care services since 2005. Their team understands the challenges that old age presents and can connect your loved one with assisted living, caregiver, and senior home health care services. Visit their website for a full breakdown of their services, and call (314) 355-3679 to speak with a representative.

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