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3 Common AC Noises And What They Mean April 1, 2019

Columbia, Boone
3 Common AC Noises And What They Mean, Columbia, Missouri

Anyone who owns an HVAC system expects to hear some noise when their units are in operation, but some sounds require special attention by an air conditioning repair specialist. Even new and high-quality HVAC systems can experience severe problems on occasion, and unusual noises are one indicator something is wrong. If you hear any of these three sounds coming from your air conditioner, have it inspected as soon as possible.

3 HVAC Sounds That Commonly Require Air Conditioning Repairs

1. Hissing or Whistling

The ductwork that carries air throughout your home is usually to blame if you hear hisses and whistling whenever your air conditioner turns on. The sound occurs whenever the seals are loose and air leaks have developed. An HVAC contractor can use special equipment to help pinpoint the source before resealing the duct. 

2. Banging or Clanking

air conditioning repairParts can come loose within your HVAC system, and when broken parts get into the air compressor, they get blown around by the component’s blower fans. The result is either a banging or clanking sound. A technician can remove the offending piece and repair the compressor.

3. Squealing

Blower motors inside your unit will let you know when they’re malfunctioning by emitting a squeal or squeak. Blower wheels and housing commonly make a sound when they malfunction, and bearings in the blower’s motor also squeal when they need repairs. An air-conditioning repair specialist will need to replace the entire blower to fix it.


If you experience any unusual sounds when running your HVAC system, the experts at Albright Heating & Air Conditioning in Columbia, MO,  can inspect your unit for the cause. Their skilled and experienced air conditioning repair specialists have more than 25 years of experience helping customers with their heating and cooling needs. Call (573) 875-7888 or visit them online to schedule your free estimate today.

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