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What To Know About the Webster Technique for Pregnancy April 26, 2019

Manhattan, New York City, NY
What To Know About the Webster Technique for Pregnancy, Manhattan, New York

It’s not unusual for women to feel discomfort as their bodies change to accommodate a pregnancy. As their bellies extend, some women will experience lower back pain and joint aches. However, the Webster Technique, a type of prenatal chiropractic treatment, alleviates this pain and provides additional benefits for mother and baby. Below is a guide about the Webster Technique and how an expectant mother can benefit from this form of prenatal chiropractic care. 

What is the Webster Technique?

Prenatal chiropracticAs the baby grows, the pelvic area adjusts to hold the additional belly weight. Unfortunately, the pelvis can become misaligned, which could reduce the available room for the growing baby and restrict its movement. As a result, the baby may not shift into the correct birthing position, which is head down. To address this issue, Dr. Larry Webster developed the Webster Technique. It is a gentle and safe adjustment that restores the balance to a pregnant woman’s pelvis and ligaments while reducing uterine tension. 

What Are the Benefits of This Prenatal Chiropractic Treatment?

Visiting a chiropractor while pregnant is an effective way to reduce pain from neck, back, and joint strains that occur as the body changes. In addition to relieving aches, the Webster Technique helps the baby move into the optimal position for a safe delivery, so it significantly reduces the possibility of a risky breech birth or a cesarean section. It also makes the woman’s pelvis and pelvic joints more flexible, which usually results in safer labor and delivery.



If you’re interested in prenatal or postnatal chiropractic care to alleviate pain and enhance your wellness, Pure Balance in New York City will find a solution to fit your needs. Chiropractor Dr. Michael Magwood and his team dedicate themselves to providing diverse pain management treatments to expectant mothers and their babies. Call (212) 661-5656 or visit their website to learn more about the Webster Technique and other prenatal chiropractic treatments. 

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