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3 Reasons to Pre-Plan Funeral Services April 4, 2019

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3 Reasons to Pre-Plan Funeral Services, Lebanon, Ohio

There are many reasons why people might want to pre-plan their funeral services. While it might sound like an unusual concept at first, it is actually a common practice that can help families after their loved ones are gone. If you haven’t considered pre-planning before, below are some of its benefits. 

Make Financing Plans 

Funeral service costs might include basic service fees, a casket, a burial vault, cremation, or embalming. Although many funeral homes provide payment plans, this can be a large financial burden on any family. Also, costs for funerals have risen twice as fast as almost anything else over the past 30 years. Pre-planning a funeral allows you to pay for the memorial in advance, so your family can focus on celebrating your life rather than financing your passing.

Have Your Final Wishes Granted 

funeral serviceIf you pass suddenly or unexpectedly, your final arrangements may not be exactly the way you want them. Pre-planning a funeral service allows you to to take control of the situation and ensure your final wishes are carried out accordingly. You can also have professionals give instructions to family members ahead of time, so they know what to expect.

Give Loved Ones a Gift

Rather than creating a potential financial burden, make your funeral into something beautiful for your loved ones. By making arrangements ahead of time, you can write a touching note or give a gift to be distributed after you pass. Your loved ones will appreciate the thoughtful actions and effort into turning the event into a celebration of life.


Make sure your funeral arrangements are taken care of with help from Stine-Kilburn Funeral Home of Lebanon, OH. Their team of compassionate funeral service professionals will ensure your family has everything they need during this difficult time. They will work with you to create a burial service or celebration of life that conveys dignity, respect, and love. Read more about funeral pre-planning online or call (513) 932-1239 to speak with a representative.

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