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The Importance of Dog Socialization March 28, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
The Importance of Dog Socialization , Hilo, Hawaii

Like people, dogs are social animals. Although it’s tempting to keep them curled up on your lap all day, every day, they need to play and meet with others. Here are just some of the reasons why your dog, no matter their age, should get regular socialization time and how pet boarding can be a valuable experience for them.

Why Regular Socialization Is Good For Dogs

Without proper socialization, dogs may fear new places, activities, and people. Being pushed into these experiences could make them withdraw more, making it even harder to socialize in the future. A threatened or uncomfortable dog may also act on instinct, harming themselves or those around them.

dog boardingWith regular socialization, however, dogs become confident and learn to acclimate quickly, allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest. Socializing and playing is also a source of exercise, whether you have a pup or adult dog. They may even develop long-term friendships with other dogs, making each play date an exciting and heartwarming event.

Pet Boarding Socialization

Scheduling the necessary socialization time into your dog’s routine doesn’t have to stop when you leave town. With the help of a reliable pet boarding service, your dog can get all their social activity while you’re away on a vacation or business trip.

Be honest with the pet boarding service about your dog’s behavior in groups, whether they’re shy or outgoing. With the correct information, the boarding professional can cater your dog’s experience to their comfort level to keep every guest happy and safe.


Whether you’re headed out of town for a long weekend or an extended business trip, Alpha K-9 Kennels in Hakalau, HI, will provide a safe and loving environment for your dog’s social experiences. Located on eight acres of gorgeous ocean-view property, this pet boarding service is a getaway for pets both small and large. The compassionate staff will help every pet exercise, stay well-fed, take any necessary medications, and even smell and look great with grooming services. Visit the website for more information on the boarding process, or call (808) 963-6000 to schedule a kennel viewing appointment.

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