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Liquid vs. Tempered Glass Smartphone Protectors May 16, 2019

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Liquid vs. Tempered Glass Smartphone Protectors, Kalispell, Montana

A screen protector keeps your gadget as sleek and pristine as it was on the day you got it, helping you avoid smartphone repairs for cracked screens. The most popular options are liquid and tempered glass protectors, which defend your screen against scratches, cracks, and water spills. To help you decide which one is best for your needs, here is a guide to these types of phone shields and the benefits of each.

Popular Types of Smartphone Screen Protectors


A liquid screen protector is a silicone-based liquid sprayed onto your smartphone to create an invisible, ultra-thin coating. It’s slim, lightweight, and formulated to shield your screen from damages that require smartphone repair, such as cracking, scratching, and water exposure. It also creates a barrier against dust and keeps your screen free of smudges.

Tempered Glass

smartphone repairTempered glass is heated under extreme temperatures and then rapidly cooled, which boosts its durability and makes it 4 to 5 times stronger than standard glass. A tempered glass screen protector contains multiple layers of compressed materials, including anti-shatter film and silicone coatings. A transparent adhesive attaches it to your phone, shielding your screen from anything that might cause damage.

Which One Is the Right for Me?

Once it’s applied, it’s easy to forget a liquid screen protector is in place. It’s extremely thin, transparent, easy to apply, and doesn’t create air bubbles. It’s much more lightweight than tempered glass, leaving your phone looking and feeling as sleek as a device with no protection.

A tempered glass shield tends to be heavier, but also more protective. Its multiple layers help absorb shock, helping to prevent your cellphone screen from cracking if it’s dropped. If you often drop your phone and require smartphone repairs, a glass shield may be the way to go.


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