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3 Reasons to Install Blackout Curtains March 28, 2019

3 Reasons to Install Blackout Curtains, Kauai County, Hawaii

Although many homeowners install window coverings to control the amount of illumination that enters interiors throughout the day, some light may seep through slats or lightweight materials. You won’t need to worry about that possibility with blackout curtains. Plus, placing the foam-backed fabric on windows will benefit you and your family in the following ways. 

3 Ways Blackout Curtains Improve Comfort

1. Better Sleep

The main purpose of blackout curtains is to completely block light from entering windows, which is especially useful if moon or street lamp light shines through the glass at night, making it difficult to sleep. Blackout curtains also mimic a nighttime atmosphere during the day, helping people who work odd hours get to sleep faster and wake feeling rejuvenated.

2. Quieter Interiors

Kalaheo-Hawaii-window-coveringsThe thick foam backing on these window coverings also serves as a sound barrier. You can place blackout curtains on living room windows, for example, to stifle the sound of street traffic, neighbors, and other ambient noises coming from outside while watching TV. The dark interior will also create a theater-like atmosphere and prevent glare on the screen.

3. Improved Home Efficiency

Blackout window coverings can enhance the insulation capabilities of the fixtures. During summer, they prevent heat transfer to keep interiors cool without cranking the air conditioner. Because less strain is placed on the AC, cooling costs remain low.


To make your home a more tranquil, comfortable environment for the family, contact the professionals at Window Trends. Located in Kalaheo, HI, the company sells roller shades with darkening liners by Hunter Douglas® and other window coverings to improve the appearance and efficiency of clients’ homes throughout Kauai. To schedule a free, onsite consultation at your home, call (808) 332-9844 today, or visit the company online for inventory details. You can also find merchandise photos and videos on their Facebook page. 

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