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4 Facts Every Woman Needs to Know About Birth Control Methods April 5, 2019

Lebanon, Warren
4 Facts Every Woman Needs to Know About Birth Control Methods, Lebanon, Ohio

Women have more control than ever over their family planning. Whether you want to put off having a baby to focus on your career for a year or simply don’t see yourself wanting children anytime in the near future, there is a birth control method for you. Find out what to know when choosing an option.

4 Birth Control Facts

1. Each Woman Has Unique Needs

Your best friend’s favorite birth control method is not necessarily the right one for you. Factors to discuss with your OB-GYN include whether you want to get pregnant soon or not, how sexually active you are, possible side effects, and your general health. 

2. Diverse Birth Control Methods Are Available

birth control methodsShort-acting hormonal birth controls include the vaginal ring, shot, pill, and mini-pill. The pill needs to be taken every day while the ring requires a replacement every month and the shot means an injection every three months. Long-acting hormonal methods, like intrauterine devices and hormonal implants, last for three to ten years. 

3. Not All Birth Control Protects Against STDs

Hormonal methods don’t guard against sexually transmitted diseases. Only barrier methods that prevent contact with bodily fluids offer protection. Some diseases like HPV can be contracted by skin-on-skin contact, however. The only 100% safe option is abstinence.

4. You Can Change Birth Control Methods

Maybe you’re in your twenties and don’t want kids for a few years. In this case, an IUD has you covered. Perhaps you’re in your thirties, have a newborn, and want to try for a second baby next year. You might opt to use condoms until then. Your needs will change, and your birth control can too.


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