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3 Reasons to Invest in Structured Cabling for Your Business April 2, 2019

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3 Reasons to Invest in Structured Cabling for Your Business, ,

If your business is expanding, using several port-to-port connections to transmit your voice, data, and internet services will only slow you down. Fortunately, you can avoid these challenges by switching to a structured cabling system — a network that streamlines all telecommunications connections through a central unit. But what exactly will this kind of network do for your business? To illustrate the benefits of this IT service, here are three reasons to equip your workplace with structured cabling.

3 Benefits of Structured Cabling

1. Faster Performance

Structured networks utilize cables that can handle high-bandwidth data traffic. In addition, your installer will organize the system to ensure that information is always flowing at the optimal speed. As a result, you won’t have to worry about slow networks when you have a busy day. With your team able to connect to the internet, make VoIP calls, and transfer data with ease, they’ll likely be more productive, which can in turn boost your profits. 

2. Improved Scalability

IT serviceWhen you rely on a traditional port-to-port connection system, it can be hard to make upgrades to your IT services as your business grows. With structured cabling, however, you won’t have to disconnect and reconfigure the entire network whenever you need to add or remove connections. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that it can be updated over time so that your workplace won’t have to rely on outdated technology.

3. Simplified Troubleshooting  

From disconnected cables to localized outages, there are several reasons why a network can go down and interrupt your workflow. If the system is disorganized or complicated, it can take your IT services department hours to find and resolve the problem, while potentially impairing your network the entire time. Since structured cabling systems use simplified organization, detecting and fixing these issues is an efficient and cost-effective process.


When you want to get the most out of your telecommunication and IT services, OhmComm, Inc. in Philadelphia, PA, is here to help keep your company connected. Backed with advanced resources, these skilled technicians will design and install a structured cabling system that’s optimized for your business and network demands. Beyond cabling, this team also offers many other managed services to simplify the technological resources of your workplace, including HIPPA-compliant data security, wireless internet, VoIP, and surveillance systems. Visit this Mid-Atlantic IT specialist online for more details on these capabilities or call (215) 467-1444 to speak with a friendly expert about your needs.  

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