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When Should I Get Eye Surgery For Cataracts? April 8, 2019

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When Should I Get Eye Surgery For Cataracts?, Fairbanks, Alaska

Cataracts, which can result from diseases or natural aging, turn the eye lens cloudy, making vision unclear. Not all cataracts require eye surgery, but if they’re impacting your life significantly, you may want to consider it to radically improve your quality of life. Here are a few signs cataract surgery could be right for you.

3 Signs You Could Benefit From Cataract Surgery 

1. You Can’t Do Daily Activities

When your vision is unusually blurry, dim, or yellowed, routine activities like reading, cleaning, cooking, sewing, or even watching television can be difficult. If your prescription lenses are no longer enough or are constantly changing, eye surgery might be the best solution to eliminate your cataracts.

2. You Can’t Safely Drive

eye doctorDriving gives you independence and autonomy, but can become difficult as your cataracts progress. You may no longer be able to read street signs or see at night, which is not only dangerous for you, but those around you. If you’ve been having to ask for rides from friends and family to get around, discuss surgery with your eye doctor.

3. You Can No Longer Enjoy Hobbies

Cataracts can also affect your ability to participate in hobbies you enjoy. Outdoor activities like gardening and landscaping, and outdoor sports like golf and tennis, can become particularly difficult as the strong glares, contrasting colors, and different capabilities in each eye interfere with your vision. If your cataracts are taking away the fun of personal hobbies and spending time with your family, you may want to consider eye surgery.


If cataracts are interfering with your life, discuss options including eye surgery with your doctor. West Valley Vision Center in Fairbanks, AK is “large enough to serve you, small enough to care,” offering eye exams, Lasik eye surgery, prescription glasses, and care for eye diseases such as cataracts. Visit their website to learn how they can help you, or call (907) 479-4700 to schedule an appointment.

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