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5 Ways to Help a Shy Kid Feel Comfortable in Sports April 3, 2019

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5 Ways to Help a Shy Kid Feel Comfortable in Sports, Norwalk, Connecticut

Youth soccer and other sports are a fun, healthy way for children to get exercise, make friends, and learn new skills. But not every kid is eager to jump into a social situation or try something new. If your child is feeling hesitant, here are a few ways to make them more comfortable.

How to Help Your Child Enjoy Youth Soccer & Sports

1. Don't Push

The more you try to force your child to participate, the more they'll resist. Some gentle persuasion may help, but in general, you should let the child go at their own pace. Also, listen to them; if they don't like this specific sport or activity, they may have an easier time in a different setting.

2. Prepare Ahead of Time

Don't just drop your child off at sports practice one day without warning. Instead, let them know in advance what to expect. Answer their questions and concerns about the sport and the practice sessions. You might even try practicing a few basic skills or roleplaying social situations so they'll know what to do.

3. Be Positive

Youth SoccerEmphasize the positive parts of sports practice. For example, if your child has friends on the team, they'll get to play together; and even if there are some parts of the practice they don't like, any experienced coach will include fun activities they enjoy, such as practicing goal kicks or racing teammates.

4. Let Them Watch

When you arrive at their first practice, don't push your child onto the field. Instead, let them watch from the sidelines if they want. Seeing other kids having fun may convince them to try even if they were feeling reluctant.

5. Connect Them With Other Kids

Find out from the soccer club coordinators or coaches which kids tend to take the lead on the field and set a good example. Introduce them to your child and encourage them to make friends. A positive example and a familiar face on the team will help your child feel at ease and learn what to do.


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