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A Guide to Incorporating Plants Into Your Patio March 28, 2019

Iron Triangle, East Yolo
A Guide to Incorporating Plants Into Your Patio, East Yolo, California

A patio adds visual intrigue, functional space, and beauty to your home’s exterior. If you want to design a cohesive landscaping plan that cleverly unites this solid surface with your yard, try adding greenery. Here’s what you need to know about integrating plants into your backyard patio.

How to Add Plants to Your Backyard Patio

How to Place Plants 

No matter the size of your patio, you can make plants an integral part of the design. If you have a smaller space, use a raised garden bed to nurture a few of your favorite flowers at the border. Alternatively, make greenery the star of the show by building your patio around it. Instead of a central firepit, for instance, a circle or square of plantings with a water feature or bird fountain can provide a lovely focal point. Adding planters is an easy way to breathe life into the space, too. Lean a ladder against the side of your home and use each rung to show off a variety of herbs and flowers in colorful pots. Maximize vertical space by adding a grapevine trellis or lattice panel and weaving a few climbing plants into the structure, or hanging plants from the eaves of your home.

What Types of Plants to Choose

Northern CA patioYou can always trust annuals to perform well on your patio. Yarrow features fern-like fronds and produces vibrant petals in shades like red, pink, and purple. California wild roses are renowned for their delicacy and heady fragrance; just make sure that your patio receives sufficient sunlight for them to thrive. Succulents are also hardy, low-maintenance, and visually stunning. If you have a flower bed in or around your patio, consider planting sweet peas in late fall. They’ll germinate during the cooler seasons and emerge just in time for spring. Steer clear of plants that are known to drop their petals and leaves onto the patio.

How to Care for Plants

Your builder should devise a barrier, such as stone or concrete edging, to separate any planting areas from the patio surface. This prevents soil seepage and creates a tidy appearance. If you’re using pots, choose larger sizes to make it easier to nourish the plants and prevent them from becoming root-bound. Use a soil-free potting medium to avoid compaction and promote better drainage. Add some fresh fertilizer or plant food every couple of weeks to refresh the nutrient supply.


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