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3 Tips for Creating a Reader-Friendly Home for Your Child May 1, 2019

West Village, Manhattan
3 Tips for Creating a Reader-Friendly Home for Your Child, Manhattan, New York

Reading is essential for your child’s early education, opening up new realms of learning. In addition to helping kids understand more about the world around them, written stories are incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. Here are three tips for optimizing your home to foster a love of books in your little one and encourage their blossoming curiosity. 

Ways to Make Reading at Home More Attractive to Kids

1. Promote Reading Over Other Activities

Even adults are often tempted to skip challenging tasks in favor of easier joys, like watching television or playing video games. Children generally have less control over their impulses, and they may find it hard to stay focused if there are distractions available. Limit diversions by keeping electronic devices and toys out of sight during story time. Use storage options like opaque plastic bins and closets, and make sure devices are kept in common areas of your home rather than in your little one’s bedroom or reading area. 

2. Keep Books Accessible to Kids education

Store books in places where kids can reach them easily without help, such as the lower sections of bookshelves – just make sure all units are securely mounted to avoid toppling. Instead of relying on your child’s normal book collection, boost their education by keeping a rotating supply of new materials in your home. Visit the library often and let your child help choose titles. Check out a variety of different formats and subjects, from historical adventure narratives to illustrated guides about dinosaurs. You also don’t need to limit yourself to bound books – children are fascinated by all kinds of materials, including catalogs and magazines, especially if they have vibrant pictures and glossy paper that’s fun to touch. 

3. Create a Reading Area

Make a fun nook for your little one where they can cozy up with a book whenever they want. This reading area could be a spot inside their room, a tent in a play area, or even a special place on the sofa where your child can enjoy reading without interruptions. Make it exciting with ornamental options like a cute lamp that provides ample reading light, plush cushions in your little one’s favorite color, an ultra-soft blanket, wall decals, and window stickers. You can even hang a decorative chart or calendar to track your child’s progress and education together. 


If your little one struggles with reading, reach out to the professionals at Reading in Preschool. As professional in-home reading tutors, these attentive and caring experts help kids in all five boroughs of New York City with everything from reading comprehension to early mastery, making it easy for children to improve their education. Find out more about their mission by visiting their website, or give their team a call at (917) 723-1159.

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