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How Can Fireplaces Impact Your Indoor Air Quality? April 2, 2019

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How Can Fireplaces Impact Your Indoor Air Quality? , Kernersville, North Carolina

Your fireplace can create a warm, nostalgic gathering place for your family members and friends, but unfortunately, the same fire that burns bright and creates a cozy atmosphere may also be damaging the quality of your indoor air. Here are a few ways that fireplaces impact your home’s interior, and how chimney maintenance can help resolve any issues. 

Understanding Fireplaces & Air Quality

What Kinds of Air Problems Can Fireplaces Cause? 

Over time, your chimney can accumulate dirt, which can lead to smoke backups inside your home. The chimney is more likely to get dirty if you burn the wrong type of wood, which leads to a smokier fire, or don’t have proper ventilation in your fireplace. Blockages from debris or animal nests can also push smoky air back inside the home. This can create issues ranging from eye and lung irritation to nagging coughs and headaches. These symptoms have an even greater impact on anyone in your household that has asthma or other respiratory problems. 

How Can You Prevent Issues? 

Fortunately, you can warchimney maintenanced off fireplace problems with a few simple tasks. When you build a fire, only use seasoned, dry hardwood, as it gives off the least amount of smoke. You should also schedule regular chimney maintenance. Having your fireplace checked and cleaned annually will help ensure that it’s free of dirt and debris and that all of the components — such as the flume — are in working order. Professionals can also install a chimney cap to prevent birds or other pests from entering the fireplace space and causing blockages. 


If your indoor air quality is less than ideal, turn to The Chimney Sweep for help. In addition to helping clients with chimney cleaning, these experienced chimney maintenance professionals can perform inspections and repairs, protecting you and your family from dangerous chimney-related failures. For more information about chimney maintenance, send them a quick note online, or give their office a call at (336) 993-8999. 

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