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3 Surprising Health Benefits Associated With Alcohol April 3, 2019

Flatbush, Brooklyn
3 Surprising Health Benefits Associated With Alcohol, Brooklyn, New York

Although excessive drinking can impair cognitive function and lead to chronic health problems, consuming alcohol in moderation can benefit your body in many ways. When people of drinking age have one or two glasses of wine, cocktails, or bottles of beer a day, it can keep vital organs in working order, improving your overall quality of life. For an incentive to unwind with an alcoholic beverage, here are specific ways alcohol is linked to better health. 

3 Ways Alcohol Will Keep You Healthy

1. Improve Heart Function

Drinking alcohol in moderation increases your body’s high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels. Higher doses of HDL cholesterol in your system can ward off heart problems. It finds LDL cholesterol, which clogs arteries, and transports it away from the pathways, preventing the fatty buildup that leads to heart attacks. The LDL cholesterol is then sent to the liver, where it is processed for elimination.

2. Keep Your Mind Sharp

Drinking a glass of wine with dinner or one or two cocktails while out with friends could reduce the risk of cognitive decline later in life. Research has found that people who drink moderate levels of alcohol are less likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in their elderly years. The flavonoids in wine, for example, have antioxidants that curb oxidative stress, which leads to dementia. Vascular malfunction is also linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Drinking alcohol in moderation reduces the risk of cardiovascular problems.  

3. Manage Weight

Brooklyn-New-York-cocktailIf you want to trim down, drinking one or two cocktails a day will help keep off the pounds. This is because moderate drinkers process alcohol differently than people who drink occasionally, which means it is broken down and eliminated from the body faster. Alcohol can also delay the growth of fat cells.


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