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3 Tips for Dominating Trivia Night at Any Sports Bar July 24, 2019

Downtown New Rochelle, New Rochelle
3 Tips for Dominating Trivia Night at Any Sports Bar, New Rochelle, New York

Trivia night at a sports bar lets you flex your skills and enjoy delicious food with friends. If you’re tired of getting stumped by questions or watching the same team take home the title each week, you need to brush up on your game. Trivia isn’t about memorizing everything there is to know. With the right preparation and strategy, you’ll dominate each time without hitting the books nonstop.

How to Win at Trivia Night

1. Know & Focus on the Topic

Many restaurants reveal the trivia night topic days in advance, so keep an eye out for what it is. If it’s mid-Century basketball, for example, you can hone in on that topic and study up in the coming days. Focus on famous coaches and players of the era, records that were broken, championships that were won, and interesting factoids about the who’s who. You won’t waste any time preparing and can come in with a large, relevant knowledge set.

2. Build a Well-Rounded Team

sports-bar-buffalo-wild-wingsPick the most diehard sports fans in your group of friends for trivia night and look for diversity. Everyone should be an expert in something—baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and more. Each will have plenty of facts and insight in their respective fields so that when combined, you’ll have comprehensive coverage of any questions asked at the sports bar.

3. Eat Plenty

Your body and brain need fuel throughout the trivia showdown, so order plenty of food alongside your drinks. Enjoy shareable wing platters, a burger, appetizers and sides, and other bar food. It’s a quintessential part of the experience and will help you stay focused and on top of your game.


Buffalo Wild Wings is the ultimate dining destination for sports fans. Since 1982, they’ve served delicious wings and provided the best sports-viewing experience. They have convenient locations throughout the New York City metro area and Connecticut, offering mouth-watering meals and appetizers, sports bar trivia, and more. Explore their menu online and stay up to date on events and deals by connecting on Facebook

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