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5 Tips For a Stress-Free Wedding From Brooklyn's Experts in Wedding Flowers August 3, 2015

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
5 Tips For a Stress-Free Wedding From Brooklyn's Experts in Wedding Flowers, Brooklyn, New York

Flowerworks in Brooklyn, NY, prides itself on making your life easier as you plan your wedding. One of the ways Flowerworks accomplishes this is by providing affordable wedding flowers that add elegance as well as a pop of color to your ceremony and/or reception.

As experienced special event florists, the professionals at Flowerworks have learned a lot about helping brides achieve their dream wedding without too much stress. It's your special day. Enjoy it. These tips can help:

  • Have Your Wedding Sooner: Some people think a long engagement is the way to go. Unfortunately, this can draw out your stress and make wedding planning begin to feel tedious and burdensome. Remember: it's supposed to be fun!
  • Pick Your Ceremony Venue and Officiant First: You can't get married without a place in which to do it, and a person to preside over it. These are the crucial first steps. Move on from here. You'll feel better knowing the primary critical piece is accomplished, and you can then begin to form a plan for everything else!
  • Hire a Wedding Planner: Thanks to the shared burden, a wedding planner can definitely help you stress less. Be sure you have your planner present the day of your wedding!
  • You Do You: Whether you're choosing your bridal bouquet of flowers or planning the menu, do what you want. This is your day, not your mom's, sister's, or best friend's day.
  • Simple is Better: Elegance is best achieved through simplicity. Classic flowers like roses, tulips, or peonies in a single color may be more your style than a large and multi-colored floral arrangement. Simplicity is beautiful, and it can also be more budget-friendly. Affordable flowers can be stunning too!

Experienced florists will help you create the ambiance and color scheme you've dreamt of for your special day. Choosing your flowers should be fun and relaxing, so keep your wedding planning process as stress-free as possible. This is a special time. Flowerworks is here to help. Visit them online or call (718) 230-9393 to begin planning today!