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How to Choose a Fence for Your Pool March 29, 2019

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How to Choose a Fence for Your Pool, Dothan, Alabama

A personal pool is a refreshing oasis during hot summer days, but not everything regarding the feature can be as relaxed. To make sure you meet state and local municipality laws, you must build a fence around the body of water. Without the structure, your insurance provider can exclude the swimming pool from your liability coverage. If fence installation is next on your to-do list, here’s some information to help you choose the type that’s right for you.

What You Should Know About Pool Fences

Perimeter & Interior

There are two main types of layouts for your fence installation. Perimeter fences are long structures that stretch across the entirety of your backyard. Basically, they’re a combination property fence and safety barrier for your pool. Interior fences, however, are more pool-focused. They surround the body of water, separating it from the rest of your property. Choosing between the two types largely comes down to aesthetic preference and pool use. For instance, if you regularly have pets or small children in your backyard, an interior fence will keep them away from the water without the need for constant supervision.

fence installationIn addition to choosing between the two types of layouts, it’s important to make sure your structure complies with state and local regulations. Florida, Georgia, and Alabama all have fencing requirements for residential pools such as mandatory height, self-latching equipment, and distance from the water. Before making a fencing decision, check with the local and state government to make sure your plans fit the specific requirements. If they don’t, you run the risk of legal action from the authorities and claim denials from your insurance company.

Fence Purpose & Material

A pool fence can be more than just a barrier around the water; it can also be a valuable addition to your property. There are ornate aluminum and iron fences available that will add a beautiful visual touch to your yard, increase your home’s overall value, and let swimmers see outside of the pool area. However, these fences also allow others to see into the pool area. If you value privacy above all else, a wooden or vinyl privacy fence is an ideal solution. Aluminum or chain-link fences provide a solid barrier that can keep pets and children away from the water and keep intruders out of the area as well. Additionally, sharp points can be included in an ornamental fence to deter unwelcome visitors.


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